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Massage To Relieve Stress

What is massage?
Massage is one type of therapy that involves rubbing, stroking and pressing the muscles, tendons and ligaments to treat many health problems. It is done by massage therapists who use their fingertips, feet and sometimes tools like stones and balls to massage your body. Massage is often related to pain relief. Massage can not only reduce pain, but it also relieves stress.

Why should stress be treated?
Stress is one of the most common problems faced by many people throughout the world. The world today is too fast and too competitive. To survive competition and to succeed everyone is forced to put up a lot of efforts. This is the main cause for stress. It is true that everyone experiences stress at one point or another. Stress can be beneficial during critical conditions. It helps you to act fast and complete the task perfectly. Stress becomes a problem when it exceeds the normal limits and becomes chronic. Chronic stress can cause anxiety, depression, hypertension, digestion problems, sleep related problems and cardiovascular problems etc.

How does massage relieve stress?
This can be explained simply in a sentence. Stress increases the tension of muscles and massage decreases the muscle tension. To know the technical and medical details read further.
Muscle tension causes the muscles to get tightened. Tightening of muscles reduce the circulation of blood. When blood circulation is decreased it blocks the absorption of oxygen and nutrients. Lack of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles causes a lot of adverse effects. Massage loosens the stiff muscles. Loosening increases the circulation of blood and supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. When the muscles are relaxed stress is reduced. Massage relieves stress by decreasing the muscle tension.

Moreover stress causes release of stress hormones called cortisol. Increased secretion of cortisol is the main reason for the increase in heart beat. Increased heart beat affects many systems of the body including circulatory system, digestive system, cardiovascular system and respiratory system.
How does massage reduce the effect of cortisol? Massage induces the secretion of other hormones like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. These hormones calm the body, create feeling of peace and contentment and soothe the body to sleep.

What are the various massage techniques that are used to relieve stress?

Massage relieves stress through various techniques like rubbing, kneading, tapping, stroking, stretching, manipulating and applying pressure. There are many types of massage therapy that include Swedish massage, therapeutic massage, oriental massage, sports massage, prenatal massage and reflexology etc. Swedish massage, therapeutic massage and reflexology are the techniques that are used to relieve stress.

The main objective of Swedish massage is to relax the whole body. Swedish massage refers to the rubbing of body with long strokes using hands, palms and fingers. It improves the flexibility of organs and improves the blood circulation. It reduces the effects of stress hormone.
Therapeutic massage is also one of the relaxation massages like Swedish massage. The main difference is that it is done in a health care center. It not only relaxes the body, but also used to give pain relief and treat many chronic health issues.
Reflexology decreases stress, anxiety and pain in the entire body. It uses techniques of Swedish massage as well as sports massage. That is why it gives relief from pain and stress.

Massage relieves stress instantly. It also has many more health benefits. Massage is a blessing to get rid of stress and stress related problems. Make sure you go to the best massage center that offers different kinds of massage services. If you make the right choice, you are sure to come out feeling rejuvenated and refreshed both physically and mentally.
Lowers Heart Rate
Lowers Blood Pressure
Relaxes Muscles
Increases Endorphins

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